Give your Mind a Productivity Boost!

And become an Information "Artist".

Do you feel overwhelmed by information, every day, from morning to night?

Do you feel that you have too many ideas, and find it hard to keep up with them?

Do you feel that you know what you want, but cannot attain that creative state to make it happen?

This mini course will help you to become a High-End Productivity Hacker, and teach you how to get in the creative state more easily. 

Maybe what you need is not only “Productivity”… its something more than that.

Either if you are an entrepreneur, a content creator, an artist or simply someone that wants more clarity in life…  this mini-course will help you. 


PowerUp your Mind with Walling


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In this Program You will learn

Not only how to become a high-end Productivity hacker, but also

Master the 3C´s System

In this "Information age" the ones that control information are most likely to succeed.

access the 2nd and 3rd layer of the Mind

Understand how to access a deeper state of mind.

Optimize your content creation workflow

Increase you Epiphany moments by welcoming them into a evergreen creative flow.

Optimize your Business systems

Learn how to use Walling to manage your business and increase your team´s productivity.

Gain Confidence and Clarity

Go beyond "chaos" and start creating your information Legacy.

Empower you Life

Dive into this Creative Flow and turn your Life into a Masterpiece.

You will also learn how to use Walling as a

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PowerUp your Mind with Walling



This price includes

instructor Introduction

Nuno Palha

1998 - 2020

Self-Made Monk - After training 5 years to become a "official" Monk, without success, Nuno kept investing in his personal growth all of his adult life, specializing in Bio-hacking, Bio-psycology & Intuitional practices.

2004 - 2020

From Yoga Teacher, to serial Entrepreneur​, Nuno launched and helped launch dozens of Businesses for himself and his clients.


Launched PowerUp School as a way to help people navigate through life with more awareness, power and purpose.


Course Overview

MODULE 1 - 26:24

  • Introduction
  • Mind , Information and the Creative Flow
  • The 3C´s System

MODULE 2 - 16:51

  • Walling Basic Structure and Features

MODULE 3 - 12:33

  • How to Collect information

MODULE 4 - 29:04

  • How to Connect information
  • Systems to create nodes
  • The Pre-creation phase & Advanced Features

MODULE 5 - 8:47

  • Personal Use Cases

MODULE 6 - 18:20

  • Professional Use cases

MODULE 7 - 10:04

  • Team & Clients Workflow

MODULE 8 - 7:18

  • Wrap it up
  • Roadmap and upcoming features

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Frequent Questions


You don´t need the Software, but it is recommended that you have, at least, one free Walling account. You can get it at

You will get lifetime access to the course materials in our School, for as long as the school is active (we are planning for at least 100 years!)

Yes there is a 7 days refund period. During that 7 days, only the first 2 modules are available. After the 8th day all the other modules are unlocked.

After payment you will get a welcome email and another email with your Login information to the membership area.

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PowerUp your Mind with Walling



This price includes